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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Featured Fright Item Of The Week

The Walking Dead- “Teddy Bear Girl” Animated Zombie Prop

From Spirit Halloween/$159.99

            For fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead (and who doesn’t love that show?), this is almost a must-buy item, as it depicts one of the most iconic zombies from the first season of the show. This creepy little girl once loved her teddy bear, so much so that she still carries it with her after being transformed into a flesh-eating “walker”!

            This prop is a life-sized animatronic recreation of the “teddy bear girl” and is sound-activated, moving in circles to close in on her next meal, making growling noises all the while. It runs on four AA batteries and is suitable for indoor and dry outdoor use. It’s sure to freak the kiddies out on Halloween night, and makes an excellent addition to any fan’s collection of The Walking Dead memorabilia.

            The only real down-side to this prop is the fact that it runs on battery power and has no optional AC power hook-ups. It would also be cooler if it actually ran in some straight lines when activated, instead of just circling around. Other than those two minor gripes, this prop is A-rated! With realistic clothes, hair, and zombie wounds, the “Teddy Bear Girl” is sure to be a best-seller this haunt season!

            Available at

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