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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Featured Fright Item Of The Week

“Dr. Tongue” Mask

By Bump In The Night FX Studio/$55.50

            Perhaps the second-most well-known zombie from George Romero’s 1985 shocker Day Of The Dead, Dr. Tongue is a zombie fan-favorite character. This amazing mask, from Bump In The Night Studio, recreates the iconic undead creature in gruesome detail! Wearable as part of a costume, this piece is also perfectly suited for any mask collector’s display. The mask has disturbingly real features, with eye holes discretely placed in the face so that the eyes of the mask are fixed. We collect masks and Halloween costumes at Little Blog Of Horrors, and I have to say that this is one of the finest pieces we’ve seen in quite some time!

            The Bump In The Night Day Of The Dead “Dr. Tongue” mask is available through a few different retailers online, but we recommend going through our friends at Halloween Unleashed, as their service and staff rocks and are hardcore haunt fans, as well! Visit their vast selection of all things horror and Halloween at

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