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Sunday, September 30, 2012

We Have Such Sights To Show You!

Here at Little Blog of Horrors, we strive to integrate horror culture into our lives all year long and, as you can probably imagine, October is the busiest and most fun time of year for us. We are planning daily posts for the entire month of October, and we want to share some of our favorite ways to celebrate this witching and wondrous time of the year with you, our faithful fiends!  We’ll be posting our picks for the best horror films of all-time (thirty-one of them, in fact, in a daily feature called 31 Days Of Horror), along with our list of the best family-friendly Halloween-centric movies (another daily feature, Family Frights), crafting activities (Creepy Crafting), decorating ideas and recipes. There’ll be something for everyone, we’re sure, and we hope to infuse your Halloween season with entertainment and fun. So whether you’re looking for a recipe to satiate your sweet-toothed ghouls or you need a film recommendation to get your fright fix in, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll have a YouTube channel up and running shortly, which will feature video tutorials for make-up lessons, costuming ideas, prop construction, and other random creepiness to add a little horror to your home, year-round. In addition, we’ll soon be posting a local calendar of events and news updates on haunts and attractions in Southern Oregon. So we have a lot in store for you, so check back often, and be sure to subscribe to us by email and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook. Little Blog Of Horrors- Your one-stop horror and Halloween resource for the Rogue Valley and beyond (the grave)! Happy Halloween, boils and ghouls, and remember to check under your bed and in the closet… There ARE things that go bump in the night!

FILM REVIEW: “Seven Minutes” A short film by Neill Morris


            While mainstream, big-budget horror films tend to eat up most of our viewing and reviewing time here at Little Blog Of Horrors, we love it when indie and no-budget filmmakers develop something special that gets us excited. Horror and science-fiction have always been fringe entertainment, and the best talent in those genres always seems to rise up from the underground. Filmmaker Neill Morris is an artist to keep an eye on, as his short film, Seven Minutes, clearly shows.

            With a running time clocking in right around the title of the film, Morris and crew manage to pack in eerie atmosphere, an interesting plot, and even a twist ending. The story revolves around a young woman named Anabel who is plagued by recurring nightmares of a mysterious man who stalks her through her dreamscapes. Waking up after one such nightmare, a seemingly normal walk in the woods leads to revelations about Anabel’s fate and the shocking truth about the man who haunts her dreams.

            Neill Morris, who wrote, directed, edited, filmed, and produced Seven Minutes, managed to pull off in this short film what many filmmakers cannot. With its bleak tone, creepy atmosphere, well-placed music and sound effects, and better-than-average acting, Seven Minutes delivers on being cerebral, interesting, and creepy. Despite having obvious budget restrictions, its quality helps it to rise above many other short horror films made with much more money.

            If you’re a fan of atmospheric horror, you owe it to yourself to take a few (around eight, actually) minutes to watch this short. Neill Morris and his crew will be on our radar, as we at Little Blog Of Horrors certainly enjoyed the Seven Minutes it took for him to give us the creeps! A well-done film and worth every horror fan’s attention!

            Watch Seven Minutes now at

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

He’s Chucky, And He Wants To Play With You!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Bride Of Chucky “Chucky” Character Prop Figure
                                  $39.99 USD, available online-           
If it’s one thing we love here at Little Blog Of Horrors, it’s toys and merchandise from our favorite movies. Each year around Halloween, I try to pick up a few new collectibles and props from my favorite franchises to add to my creepy collection. This year, I had the good fortune of finding a true-to-scale Chucky doll from the ridiculously fun film, Bride Of Chucky. Aside from a couple of action figures and a few posters, I don’t own a lot of Child’s Play memorabilia. So when I saw this up for sale, I knew that Chucky had found a new home in my collectibles room. I just hope he doesn’t spring to life and proceed to murder all of my other figures…
            Like I said, this figure is true-to-scale, measuring around two feet tall with realistic clothing and hair. This Chucky doll is frighteningly accurate to its screen-used counterpart, and even includes a removable plastic knife that fits nicely in either of its hands. The wounds and staples across Chucky’s face are true to what is seen in the Bride Of Chucky film, and, overall, is a very nice addition to my horror collection.
            I do, however, have some gripes about this prop. First of all, I was a little disappointed to find Chucky to be a static prop. It would’ve been nice to have some articulation in the limbs, at least. The arms, legs, and head have no articulation at all, making posing Chucky impossible (imposable?). On that same note, the figure is lacking a base of any kind. As Chucky has a hard time standing unsupported, an included base would have been very much appreciated. Secondly, the doll’s hair seems too stylized. Instead of the dirty, chopped locks we see Chucky have in the Child’s Play movies, this prop doll has, well, pretty, curly, girly hair. It takes away from the overall look of a “killer doll” a little and could’ve been fabricated a bit better.
            Despite those two minor complaints, the Bride Of Chucky doll is still an impressive piece. At $39.99 (US) retail (available online at, this prop is still a great bargain, and would make a great addition to any Child’s Play fan’s collection.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Welcome, Creeps and Fiends, Boils and Ghouls of all ages, to our Little Blog Of Horrors!

                     We here at Little Blog Of Horrors are die-hard Halloween fans. Each year we seek out seasonal events and haunted houses to visit, as it’s one of our favorite pastimes during the spookiest of holidays. We’ve found that there’s something for everyone in our area, ranging from rather tame, all-ages fun to nerve-splintering horror! This blog is being started as an online resource for like-minded enthusiasts of Halloween and horror-themed entertainment in general. We’ve found that while there are a few resources for local haunted houses and Halloween events online, very few are updated in time for our holiday planning, and most of them are either incomplete or offer minimal information. Little Blog Of Horrors hopes to buck that trend, and strive to serve as a comprehensive guide to all things Halloween in Southern Oregon.
            Not only will we be offering up information on local haunted attractions and Halloween events, we will be posting reviews and images of each attraction we visit (without spoiling all the wonderful chills and thrills, of course), helping visitors make informed choices concerning which attractions to visit and hopefully enhancing your holiday fun. We hope to be able to post information on these events year-round (as “haunting” is a pastime that lasts year-long), recording the construction progress and new features being added to each attraction. We’ll also be taking the time to post articles on constructing your own haunted attraction, from props and atmosphere to make-up and costuming tips. So if Halloween and horror are in your blood, so to speak, then you’ll want to check back here often to see what new slabs have arrived in our morgue!
            Also be on the look-out for movie, DVD, and music reviews here. Our interest in the macabre doesn’t end at Halloween. We’re horror fans here at Little Blog Of Horrors, and that means we consume this kind of entertainment year-round. We collect movies, props, toys, music, costumes, masks, magazines, models, and just about everything else that can be licensed and sold to horror fans. We plan on reviewing many of these fine products on this blog, so if merchandise, movies, and costumes are among your interests, be sure to check back often!
            So, as the Witching Hour draws near and the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead thin, lock your doors and bolt them tight, for vampires, ghouls, and ghastly creatures of all sorts prowl the streets on Halloween night… We here at Little Blog Of Horrors hope you enjoy our efforts, and have a safe and scary Halloween!