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Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Fright Pick Number One... Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf
Atlantic Releasing Corporation
Directed by Rob Daniel

First up in our series of fun family favorites to watch around Halloween time, aka Family Frights, is the 1985 fantasy/comedy Teen Wolf.  Lead by the brilliant Michael J Fox, this movie, while not exactly Shakespeare, is such a fun and heartfelt movie for all ages that I think it deserves an annual visit for sure. The film is rated PG and might be just a tad too scary in parts for the real little ones, but I deem it an appropriate and safe movie for all to behold. Although Teen Wolf is a comedy, at its core it is still a monster movie; and what better time to watch a monster movie than Halloween? 

Beware though, this movie was made in the eighties and is a film very much of that time. While a bit goofy and, at times, cheesy, I love this movie and think it is an excellent way to get your werewolf fix without all the carnage and sadness, you know, for those times when you just aren't in the mood.    

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