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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

He’s Chucky, And He Wants To Play With You!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Bride Of Chucky “Chucky” Character Prop Figure
                                  $39.99 USD, available online-           
If it’s one thing we love here at Little Blog Of Horrors, it’s toys and merchandise from our favorite movies. Each year around Halloween, I try to pick up a few new collectibles and props from my favorite franchises to add to my creepy collection. This year, I had the good fortune of finding a true-to-scale Chucky doll from the ridiculously fun film, Bride Of Chucky. Aside from a couple of action figures and a few posters, I don’t own a lot of Child’s Play memorabilia. So when I saw this up for sale, I knew that Chucky had found a new home in my collectibles room. I just hope he doesn’t spring to life and proceed to murder all of my other figures…
            Like I said, this figure is true-to-scale, measuring around two feet tall with realistic clothing and hair. This Chucky doll is frighteningly accurate to its screen-used counterpart, and even includes a removable plastic knife that fits nicely in either of its hands. The wounds and staples across Chucky’s face are true to what is seen in the Bride Of Chucky film, and, overall, is a very nice addition to my horror collection.
            I do, however, have some gripes about this prop. First of all, I was a little disappointed to find Chucky to be a static prop. It would’ve been nice to have some articulation in the limbs, at least. The arms, legs, and head have no articulation at all, making posing Chucky impossible (imposable?). On that same note, the figure is lacking a base of any kind. As Chucky has a hard time standing unsupported, an included base would have been very much appreciated. Secondly, the doll’s hair seems too stylized. Instead of the dirty, chopped locks we see Chucky have in the Child’s Play movies, this prop doll has, well, pretty, curly, girly hair. It takes away from the overall look of a “killer doll” a little and could’ve been fabricated a bit better.
            Despite those two minor complaints, the Bride Of Chucky doll is still an impressive piece. At $39.99 (US) retail (available online at, this prop is still a great bargain, and would make a great addition to any Child’s Play fan’s collection.

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  1. Okay, the hair is a bit girlish and styled to be on Chucky. Suggestion would be to modify it. That is, if you are going to keep creepy Chucky otherwise if he is an item to be resold at a later date the hair should stay girly. Attaching a wooden base would be easy enough, unless of course you um, "trust" Chucky to be mobile at any given time!