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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Welcome, Creeps and Fiends, Boils and Ghouls of all ages, to our Little Blog Of Horrors!

                     We here at Little Blog Of Horrors are die-hard Halloween fans. Each year we seek out seasonal events and haunted houses to visit, as it’s one of our favorite pastimes during the spookiest of holidays. We’ve found that there’s something for everyone in our area, ranging from rather tame, all-ages fun to nerve-splintering horror! This blog is being started as an online resource for like-minded enthusiasts of Halloween and horror-themed entertainment in general. We’ve found that while there are a few resources for local haunted houses and Halloween events online, very few are updated in time for our holiday planning, and most of them are either incomplete or offer minimal information. Little Blog Of Horrors hopes to buck that trend, and strive to serve as a comprehensive guide to all things Halloween in Southern Oregon.
            Not only will we be offering up information on local haunted attractions and Halloween events, we will be posting reviews and images of each attraction we visit (without spoiling all the wonderful chills and thrills, of course), helping visitors make informed choices concerning which attractions to visit and hopefully enhancing your holiday fun. We hope to be able to post information on these events year-round (as “haunting” is a pastime that lasts year-long), recording the construction progress and new features being added to each attraction. We’ll also be taking the time to post articles on constructing your own haunted attraction, from props and atmosphere to make-up and costuming tips. So if Halloween and horror are in your blood, so to speak, then you’ll want to check back here often to see what new slabs have arrived in our morgue!
            Also be on the look-out for movie, DVD, and music reviews here. Our interest in the macabre doesn’t end at Halloween. We’re horror fans here at Little Blog Of Horrors, and that means we consume this kind of entertainment year-round. We collect movies, props, toys, music, costumes, masks, magazines, models, and just about everything else that can be licensed and sold to horror fans. We plan on reviewing many of these fine products on this blog, so if merchandise, movies, and costumes are among your interests, be sure to check back often!
            So, as the Witching Hour draws near and the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead thin, lock your doors and bolt them tight, for vampires, ghouls, and ghastly creatures of all sorts prowl the streets on Halloween night… We here at Little Blog Of Horrors hope you enjoy our efforts, and have a safe and scary Halloween!


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  1. Thanks to Dani posting on FB about your horror blog, I of course had to come take a peek. Very well written! Looking forward to more blog posts since horror/haunting is right up my alley!